Merkel urges Iran to `carefully consider` nuke deal

German Chancellor calls on Iran to "carefully consider" intl offer on nuke programme, and expressed concern over instability in Yemen.

Doha: German Chancellor Angela Merkel on
Thursday called on Iran to "carefully consider" an international
offer on its nuclear programme, and also expressed concern
over instability in Yemen.

"Iran must carefully consider the offer of the
international community" on its programme of uranium
enrichment, Merkel said in a speech at the Museum of Islamic
Art in Doha.

Merkel, who was in the Qatari capital as part of a
four-nation Gulf tour, said that "the dispute with Iran must
be resolved diplomatically and peacefully, and Germany will
contribute to such a settlement."

"But we believe that Iran will not show the necessary
transparency to the International Atomic Energy Agency, which
is why we are working to strengthen sanctions in the (UN)
Security Council," Merkel said.

In October, the Vienna Group of the United States,
France, Russia and the IAEA offered to ship most of Iran`s
low-enriched uranium (LEU) out of the country in exchange for
higher-grade reactor fuel from Russia and France.

The Islamic Republic insisted that it wanted a
simultaneous swap on its own territory, a proposal rejected by
world powers.

Iran struck a deal last week with Turkey and Brazil
under which it would ship about half its stock of LEU to
Turkey in exchange for reactor fuel, but Washington and its
allies have dismissed that agreement.