Mexico changes in energy, transport Cabinet posts

Mexican Prez seeks to make his government "infrastructure administration”.

Mexico City: Mexican President Felipe Calderon shuffled his Cabinet on Friday, changing the two ministers in charge of energy, communications and transportation in order make his government "the infrastructure administration”.

Calderon said he wants the new Cabinet secretaries to provide better roadways and more accessible telecommunications services to Mexicans. In its first four years, Calderon`s administration has largely become known for its offensive against drug cartels.

Calderon named Harvard-educated economist Dionisio Perez-Jacome to replace Juan Molinar as Secretary of Communications and Transportation. Molinar resigned to participate in activities of Calderon`s conservative National Action Party, which is preparing for the run-up to the 2012 Presidential Elections.

Calderon said he wants Perez-Jacome, a former Treasury Department official, to create "an atmosphere of real competition" in the highly concentrated sector, so Mexicans can get Internet, telephone and other services on better terms.

One or two Internet and cell-phone service providers dominate Mexico`s market.

Calderon named Yale-educated economist Jose Antonio Meade to replace Georgina Kessel as Energy Secretary. Kessel will head the Banobras development bank.

Calderon said he wants Meade to carry out a "ground-up transformation of these state-owned companies, to eliminate privileges and make them known for transparency and accountability”.

The state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos company has been hampered by inefficiency, a powerful union and corruption scandals in the past.

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