Mexico cites breakdown in La Familia cartel

Mexico`s federal police say the La Familia drug cartel has been "completely dismembered".

Mexico City: Mexico`s federal police say the once-fearsome La Familia drug cartel has been "completely dismembered" and has broken down into small groups that commit robberies to pay their members.

Federal police official Luis Cardenas Palomino says that the breakdown of the organization was hastened by the Dec. 9 death of cartel leader Nazario Moreno, nicknamed "The Craziest One".

He says the remaining groups are "completely disorganized."
Cardenas made the comments Friday at a news conference announcing the arrest of the leader of one of the remaining groups, a man known as "The Mustache."

La Familia has dominated the western state of Michoacan for several years, and has launched bloody ambushes of federal police.

Bureau Report

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