Middle East 'out of control', more unstable than ever: Trump

The Middle East today is more unstable than ever before, Trump said.

Middle East 'out of control', more unstable than ever: Trump

New York: Asserting that the situation in the Middle East is "out of control" and more unstable than ever, presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump today said America needs "new leadership" and "new thinking" which his presidency can provide.

"The Middle East today is more unstable than ever before. Never been like this. Out of control. After four years of (Hillary) Clinton, who really led the way and led (Barack) Obama down a horrible path, because I don't even think he could have made these decisions so badly, she led him right down a horrible path. He didn't know what he was doing," Trump said.

In his New York event held to introduce his vice presidential running mate Mike Pence, the Indiana Governor, Trump also addressed the issue of "Islamic terror attack" in France.

"We've witnessed horror beyond belief, no matter where you look. And now it's happening more and more. And it's never going to stop," the 70-year-old real estate tycoon said.

"We need new leadership. We need new thinking. We need strength. We need in our country law and order. And if I'm elected president, that will happen," Trump said.

"I want to express our unyielding support for the people of France, and we mourn their loss as a nation," he added.

On the failed military coup in Turkey, the Republican leader wished the Turkish people well.

"As far as Turkey is concerned, so many friends in Turkey, great people, amazing people. We wish them well. It looks like they're resolving the difficulty, but we wish them well. A lot of anguish last night, but hopefully it'll all work out," he said as he went ahead to list out unstable situation in other parts of the region.

"Iraq, Syria, all into chaos. Iran is on a path to nuclear weapons. And on top of that, we gave them back USD 150 billion, and we didn't get our hostages until the end. Now we're seeing unrest in Turkey, a further demonstration of the failures of Obama-Clinton. You just have to look, every single thing they touched has turned to horrible, horrible, death-defying problems," he said.

Rolling out Pence as his vice presidential mate, Trump said in the Indiana Governor he has "found the leader" who will help deliver a safe society and a really prosperous society for all Americans.

"Indiana Governor Mike Pence was my first choice. I've admired the work he's done, especially in the state of Indiana," Trump said with Pence standing by his side.

"I admire the fact that he fights for the people, and he's going to fight for you. He is a solid, solid person,. Governor Pence served Indiana with distinction in Congress. He rose to leadership and served as the chairman of the entire House Republican Conference. Number one," he said.