Military option being considered on Libya: US

The US is mulling the implementation of a no-fly zone and a military strike in Libya.

Updated: Mar 09, 2011, 10:02 AM IST

Washington: The Obama Administration is
considering all options including the implementation of a no-fly zone and possibility of a military intervention in
Libya, the White House said Wednesday.

"We are considering all options, including military
options," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told
reporters travelling with President Barack Obama.

"The US has already taken significant steps, both
unilaterally and with its international partners," he added.

"There are complexities and realities involved in the
adoption and implementation of a measure like a no-fly zone
that we all need to be aware of as we consider it. It is an
option we are actively considering. It is also one that
carries with it complexities and other things that everyone
needs to be aware of," he said when asked about the
possibility of enforcing no-fly zone over Libya.

The United States is currently working with its other
international partners on a number of measures, including ones that involve humanitarian assistance, as well as the very serious sanctions that they have leveled.
Obama has made clear that Colonel Gaddafi`s time has
come, or time has ended, rather, in power, and he needs to
step down and step aside for the sake and the benefit of the
Libyan people, he said.

"How that comes about should be decided by the Libyan
people, but it needs to happen," Carney said.
"The White House, the President, feels strongly that
it has been significant and valuable that the international
community has spoken with one voice on events in Libya and has
acted together, and that the United States has acted together
with so many of its international partners," he said.