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Missing Malaysia Airlines jet search: As it happened on Sunday

The family members of the Chinese passengers aboard MH370 have flown to Kuala Lampur to meet Malaysian government to get all information in regards to the missing plane.

Zee Media Bureau/Tarun Khanna

9:10 pm: US, UK, Chinese secret agencies looking into terror angle?

As per reports, British, US and Chinese secret services have been investigating the disappearance of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet. The information has been reportedly revealed by the Malaysian authorities. This has added to speculation that a terror angle behind plane`s disappearance could not be ruled out. The flight simulator found in the home of the plane`s captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah is being looked into. However, acting transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein is said to have revealed that the FBI had found nothing sinister in the device.

7:00 pm: Search for missing jet concludes for Sunday

Search activities for Sunday have now concluded. Approximately 252,000 square kilometres were searched. Today’s search activities involved a total of nine aircraft. The search will resume in the morning subject to weather conditions, as per AMSA news.

15:35 pm: Malaysia Airlines pacifies kin of passengers aboard Flight 370

Malaysia Airlines has confirmed to fly family members of the passengers on board missing Malaysian jet to Perth, but only once the debris is found.

It also said that arrangements to bring family members to Perth will be made soon as the Airlines has got clearances from the concerned government authorities.

15:20 pm: Relatives of Chinese passengers seek details from Malaysian authorities

The family members of the missing Chinese passengers in the lost Malaysian plane have reached Kuala Lampur to seek details and evidence about flight 370.

While chanting "Tell us the truth", they demanded apology from Malaysian prime minister for the alleged misleading information.

14: 25 pm: Search for flight 370 could take years, says US Naval officer

While ten ships and many aircrafts are scouring the massive area in Indian Ocean to trace the whereabouts of the missing MH370, US Naval officer said on Sunday said that the search could take years.

US Navy Captain Mark Matthews, in-charge of the US Towed Pinger Locator (TPL), said that due to lack of information about where the plane went down, the search operation is getting hampered.

14:12 pm: MH370 search most expensive hunt in history

David Mearns, owner of Blue Water Recoveries in West Sussex and one of the world`s most experienced deep-sea shipwreck salvagers has said that the search of the missing Malaysian plane is likely to be the most expensive search in the history.

He further added that wreckage may be contained in what he described as a `search box` covering hundreds of nautical miles.

11: 45 am: Chinese ships assemble to coordinate search for MH370

A total of seven Chinese ships convened in waters west of Australia`s Perth to coordinate their search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, as per CCTV News.

The ships will be scouring an area of about 320,000 square nautical miles.

10:00 am: Harsh weather conditions likely today

The search operation has resumed for the missing Malaysian plane in an area about 1,850 kilometres east of Perth. However, weather in the search area is forecast to be worsen today, with light showers and low cloud, as per AMSA.

The search operation will carried mostly in an area of about 319,000 square kilometres today.

9:30 am: Black box detector to arrive in search area

A warship has left Australia to join search for the missing Malaysian airliner`s black box. The ship with an aircraft black box detector has been sent after new objects were found in the Indian Ocean.

The detector will identify whether the objects were of related missing plane or not.

8:35 am: Kin of Chinese passengers flown to Kuala Lampur

The family members of the Chinese passengers aboard MH370 have flown to Kuala Lampur to meet Malaysian government to get all information in regards to the missing plane.

The relatives of 153 Chinese passengers have accused the Malaysian authorities of providing inadequate information.

Earlier, the relatives held protest outside Malaysian embassy in Beijing.

A Chinese aircraft on Saturday had made fresh sighting of objects in the Indian Ocean, including two bearing colours of the missing plane.

After the new findings by the Chinese aircraft, the search for the crashed Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 dramatically shifted 1,100 km further northeast in the southern Indian Ocean yesterday.

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