Moldovan dancer `kissed` Costa Concordia’s captain

Domnica Cemortan was allegedly dining with the captain of Costa Concordia before the Italian luxury cruise ship capsized.

London: A Moldovan ballet dancer, who was allegedly dining with the captain of Costa Concordia before the Italian luxury cruise ship capsized, has admitted to sharing a passionate kiss on the evening of tragedy.

Domnica Cemortan, who was accused of causing the sinking of the Costa Concordia by romantically distracting Francisco Schettino, has given her first full newspaper interview ‘to set the record straight’.

For the past six weeks, Domnica has been at the centre of worldwide attempts to uncover precisely what happened on the night that up to 32 people lost their lives off the Italian coastline.

She has repeatedly denied any romance between her and the married captain, and when her luggage and bikinis were discovered Schettino’s submerged cabin, she insisted it was ‘all lies’.

According to The Daily Mail, Domnica has now finally revealed her true feelings for the shamed Italian seaman.

Domnica admitted that she been alone with Schettino in his cabin earlier during the evening of the tragedy.

She said that although she had a serious ‘crush’ on the Italian captain, she was never ‘in love’ with him and their affair never really got started.

“Yes, I was very attracted to Captain Schettino and he was clearly interested in me. I admit that I had a big crush on him because he was very good-looking and very charming,” Domnica said.

“I admit that I was attracted to him, but honestly, we did not have sex,” she added.

According to the paper, Domnica admitted that her luggage had been left in the captain’s cabin, but said it was only a temporary arrangement while she waited for a cabin to become available.

Meanwhile, Schettino is under house arrest on suspicion of multiple manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing shipwreck. If convicted, he faces 15 years in jail.


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