Monaco royals may sue French magazine over rumours

L`Express allegedly spread "false" rumours of break-up between the couple ahead of their wedding.

London: Monaco`s ruler Prince Albert and his wife are planning to sue a French magazine which allegedly spread "false" rumours of break-up between the couple ahead of their wedding, the head of the country`s government has said.

French magazine L`Express had reported on its website that Charlene Wittstock, now Princess Charlene, tried to leave the principality for her home country South Africa in a huff just days before the royal wedding in early July.

But, Michel Roger, whose official title is Minister of State, said: "It is very distressing. They are all false."

In fact, "she left for Greece accompanied by a Monegasque delegation" for the Special Olympics, a competition for the intellectually disabled that opened in Athens on June 25, `The Daily Telegraph` quoted Roger as saying.

And, as for allegations that Prince Albert II fathered a third child out of wedlock while engaged to be married, the minister said: "We have proof that this is false".

Roger said that the couple intended to sue the French magazine as it "gave credibility to these unfounded rumours by publishing them".

Prince Albert has, however, fathered two illegitimate children -- six-year-old Alexandre, son of former Air France hostess Nicole Coste, from Togo, and Jazmin, 19, the daughter of American estate agent Tamara Rotola.

In both cases, DNA tests were needed before Prince Albert admitted he was the father, and agreed to pay for their upbringings.