Monument for al Qaeda victims to be built in Iraq

The building was used as a prison for people kidnapped by al Qaeda.

Baghdad: A council in an Iraqi province has proposed the creation of a museum and setting up of a monument to victims of al Qaeda in a building that was used as a prison for people kidnapped by the terrorist outfit, an official said.

Though the idea for the museum came from the owner of the building, whose family left the house and moved to Jordan after the war in Iraq in 2003, a provincial administration official of Diyala province said copies of the victims` documents and instruments used by al Qaeda to torture them will be given to the museum in Baqubah city.

"In the house abandoned by us, al Qaeda organised a prison and tortured innocent people," the owner of the house said.

"Now everything in the house reminds us of violence, it is all full of horror. I believe we must remember that terrible time," he said.

People from different Iraqi provinces were kidnapped and kept hostage in the house, a local resident said.

"Here was the main court and the main prison of al Qaeda, known today as a `death prison`."


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