Moscow airport blast: Chechen warlord claims responsibility

Chechen warlord Doku Umarov has claimed responsibility for the Moscow attack.

Moscow: Chechen warlord Doku Umarov, the
self-declared Emir of "Caucasus Emirate", has claimed the
responsibility for the January 24 suicide attack at Domodedovo
airport that killed 36 people and vowed to carry out similar
strikes in Russia.

In a video posted on the rebel `Kvakaz online`,
Umarov, who controls the Islamist rebels active in Russia`s
North Caucasus region, has also vowed more terror strikes
under the `Year of Blood and Tears`.

"It could be weekly, monthly the regularity of strikes
would depend on the will of Allah," Umarov was quoted as
saying by the website.

A 20-year old resident of Ingushetia`s Ali-Yurt
village Magomed Yevloyev was identified by the investigators
as the suicide bomber who targeted Domodedovo airport.

Till the Soviet collapse, Chechnya and Ingushetia were
one administrative unit.

In a recently televised meeting with President Dmitry
Medvedev, Chief of the FSB security service had disclosed that
body fragments of the suicide bomber contained very high level
of narcotics.

Umarov claimed that the bomber`s name was Saifullah
and he belonged the `Riyadus Salaheen` suicide squad.

According to Novaya Gazeta, Domodedovo bomber Magomed
Yevloyev`s 73-year-old father was a bus driver and mother a
teacher in primary school. He had left home in September after
quitting education at a technical college.