`Most Americans object to mosque at Ground Zero`

Most of those polled oppose the construction because of the location.

Washington: Most Americans have opposed construction of the planned mosque near Ground Zero in New York, according to a new national opinion poll on Wednesday.

According to the Washington Post-ABC News poll, most Americans say the planned Muslim community centre and place of worship should not be built in Lower Manhattan, near the site of the Twin Towers which were blown up by al Qaeda terrorists on September 11, 2001.

Two-thirds of those polled object to the Ground Zero mosque while a slim majority expresses strongly negative views.

As many as 82 percent of those who oppose the construction say it`s because of the location, although 14 percent (nine percent of all Americans) say they would oppose such building anywhere in the country.

"The new results come alongside increasingly critical public views of Islam: 49 percent of all Americans say they have generally unfavourable opinions of Islam, compared with 37 percent who say they have favourable ones," the Post reported.

"Nearly a third of all Americans see mainstream Islam as encouraging violence, little changed from recent years, the poll said, while a slim majority; say it`s a peaceful religion."