Mother involved in Satanic sex cult forced daughter to sleep with 1,800 men by age 18

It was a house of horror for the daughter of a woman involved in a Satanic sex cult.

London: It was a house of horror for the daughter of a woman involved in a Satanic sex cult.

The women has revealed that her mother made her sleep with 1,800 men by the time she was 18 and she was initiated into the cult after having to watch her mother perform a sex act on the cult's ringleader Colin Batley. She was just seven years old then,

According to reports in Daily Mail, when the women was eleven years old, she was raped twice by Batley. After three years he made her take part in a group sex with her mother at their home near Llanelli in Wales.

The report says that there were other houses on the street who took part in the activities of the cult.

The women's mother, Jacqueline Marling and Batley and were jailed for sexually abusing the girl during her growing up period.

Batley's wife Elaine was also convicted of sexually assaulting the girl.

A prostitute Sheila Millar, was also convicted. She supposedly visited the Batley's house.

At a trial in Swansea Crown Court in 2011, it was revealed that Batley wore hooded robes and chanted before having group sex with the women and children.

Moreover, snakes were kept near an 'altar' in his lounge.

The women who was subjected to extreme abuse, is now settled with her own family. She spoke against Batley and her mother and they were sentenced to at least 11 years and 12 years imprisonment respectively.

She calls her mother an 'evil women' and says that she can never forgive her. She adds that it is sheer disbelief to be abused by one's own mother.

The women, who is 48 now, recently released a memoir in which she has written that she slept with almost 2,000 men by her 18th birthday.

She was also forced into prostitution to raise money for the cult's 'church'.

She along with other children were told that they were proving themselves to God by having sex with other members.

The women, is quoted by the daily as saying that when Batley first raped her, he told her that if she didn't do it, she would go to hell.

On a sad note, she says that she was a schoolgirl by day and a sex slave at night and had also tried to take her own life when things became really bad.

She became pregnant by her step-father at the age of 17 and a year after giving birth to the child she ran away from the house in the dead of the night.

The women then saw her mother and Batley only until their sentencing in 2011.

She says that her mother was not repentant on seeing her.

The women lives in north England now.

Her book is named 'The Devil on the Doorstep: My Escape from a Satanic Sex Cult'.

The inspiration of the cult was supposedly Aleister Crowley.

He is said to have believed that he was the prophet of a new age of personal liberty, controlled by the ancient Egyptian God Horus and advocated sexual promiscuity and prostitution.

Crowley was born in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire and was once called the 'wickedest man in the world’ by the media.


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