Mother of Satan: Know TATP, which was used by suicide bombers in Paris attacks

Going by its Satanic reference, it out to have demonic powers. So what really is TATP?

New Delhi: It's more or less confirmed that Paris attackers used explosive TATP, which has gained notoriety as the “mother of Satan”.

Paris prosecutor Francois Molins on Novemver 14 said that seven of eight attackers set off  bomb vests with vests the explosive TATP, designed for causing the "maximum number of casualties while committing suicide."

Going by its Satanic reference, it out to have demonic powers. So what really is TATP?

Here are some facts about this relatively unknown explosive:

1. TATP, or Acetone peroxide - otherwise known as triacetone triperoxide or peroxyacetone - is an organic peroxide, and can be used as a high explosive.

2. Easy to make and hard to detect, making one of the preferred explosives for terrorists and other unlawful elements. Can easily synthesise, and materials are readily available in stores. (Tri)acetone (tri)peroxide, the two chemicals use in making it, can be find in cosmetics.

3. Does not require flames during synthesise, and can be made in room temperature.

4. Appears as a white crystalline powder and carries a distinct smell of bleach.

5. So volatile that, a firm tap or press can explode it, with such power that at times, it TATP can be 80% stronger than the very popular TNT. The legend has it that, this is how -- with it's super volatility and power -- TATP gained it's infamous reputation "the Mother of Satan".

6. Was used by "shoe bomber" in 2001, in London in 2005 and 2006.

7. Was discovered in 1895, and since become a nightmare for everyone, including the terrorists, who

8. According to experts, in a TATP explosion, the gas molecules give up their energy of motion to the surroundings, in the process creating the shock wave that does dirty work.

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