Mulling presidency, Donald Trump says China ripping US

Celebrity businessman is mulling running for president to restore US respect.

Los Angeles: Celebrity businessman Donald Trump says he is seriously considering running for US president in 2012.

The flamboyant property mogul and reality TV star told Fox News on Tuesday that he was weighing a presidential campaign on the Republican ticket to restore global respect for America.

He didn`t explain quite what the world would think about the planet`s richest and most powerful country being headed by a brash real estate tycoon. But he did say that he would bring "finesse" and "common sense" to the position.

"I`m a Republican so if I did anything, I`d do it, I guess, as a Republican," Trump said. "I`m totally being serious because I can`t stand what`s happening to the country. First time I am being serious about it. That doesn`t say I`m going to do it ... but I am seriously considering it."

Trump made the comments after Time magazine reported that an unidentified organisation had commissioned a poll in New Hampshire in which Trump`s prospects were surveyed. "I hear the results are amazing," said Trump, who insisted that he "did not commission or pay for the poll”.

"I think my whole life has sort of been about finesse when you get right down to it. I mean it`s what running a country is ... and we have to also bring common sense back," Trump said.

"We have no common sense. And we`re losing this country. Mark my words, if we keep going this way, we`re losing this country. It will no longer be great. It`s not respected to anywhere near what it used to be."

"I love this country but it`s not really great like it used to be. If we keep going like this China is going to overtake us within 10 years," Trump said.
`China is ripping US`

Donald Trump has slammed China`s "unfair trade policy" and made digs at the way US was conducing business with Beijing.

"China is just ripping this country (the US) like nobody has ever ripped us before and we don`t have our talented people...we don`t use our great business people to negotiate... we use some diplomat," Trump told Fox News.

"I do a lot of business with China and I`m not knocking them...if you can get away with something you do it.. the Chinese come over and tell me that they can`t believe what they`re getting away with," he added.

"You try doing business in China its impossible...and yet they come over here and they make everything...the problem is that we don`t make things anymore... we make it China and other countries and we really have problem," he said.

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