`Mush refused to act on Afghan tip off on Osama`

Saleh said his network of spies had in 2007 uncovered al Qaeda safe houses deep inside Pakistan.

Washington: Afghan spies had "good"
intelligence leads in 2007 on the possible hideout of Osama
bin Laden in Pakistan proper but an "angry" Pervez Musharraf,
the then president, refused to act, according to Afghanistan`s
former spy chief.

"We did a lot of work in the tribal areas of
Pakistan... going village to village, recruiting random
informants," Amrullah Saleh said.

"We came to the conclusion that bin Laden was not in
the tribal areas," he said.

But Musharraf refused to take action despite receiving
detailed reports, Saleh told CNN.

Saleh said his network of spies and informants had in
2007 uncovered al-Qaeda safe houses deep inside Pakistan
believed to be connected to the once-elusive bin Laden, and
that the former Pakistani president had disregarded those

The former spy chief said he then directed
intelligence sources to Pakistan proper, identifying al-Qaeda
safe houses in a town called Manshera, a short drive from what
turned out to be bin Laden`s lair in Abbottabad.

US SEALs killed bin Laden on May 2 in a covert raid.

Saleh said the intelligence reports provided good
information, though not what he considered to be "actionable

But when he mentioned them during a meeting with
Musharraf and his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai, Musharraf
became "very angry," he said.

The former Pakistani president also "refused to take
action, or at least do a random street-to-street check of that
area," Saleh recalled.


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