Muslim Brotherhood admits being in negotiations with Egyptian Army

Last Updated: Monday, July 15, 2013 - 11:30

London: Egypt`s ousted Muslim Brotherhood has admitted it has been holding talks with the military, despite Mohamed Morsi`s removal from office last week.

Senior officials in the Muslim Brotherhood said they are involved in behind-the-scenes negotiations with Egypt`s Army, despite a crackdown on its members.

The admission by the Brotherhood came as it announced provocative plans to move their pro-Morsi street protests to Tahrir Square, where many anti-Brotherhood protests have been held in recent weeks.

Brotherhood officials had denied they were negotiating with the military that has arrested several key members since Morsi`s fall.

Speaking to the Guardian, Dr Mohamed Ali Bishr, a former minister under Morsi, admitted that he met with senior military officials on Thursday to discuss what each side was prepared to compromise on.

However, Bishr said that further negotiations were unlikely because the Brotherhood had demanded Morsi`s reinstatement as a condition for further dialogue.

According to the report, Bishr`s statement contradicts that of fellow guidance councillor Mohamed Beltagy, who had previously denied negotiations were taking place.

The Army did not immediately respond to requests for comment, but it is highly unlikely to give in to the Brotherhood`s demands, the report added.


First Published: Monday, July 15, 2013 - 11:30
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