Mussolini’s granddaughter lashes out at Carla Bruni

Alessandra wants Carla to take in Africans displaced by Arab revolutions.

Updated: Apr 08, 2011, 15:47 PM IST

London: Benito Mussolini’s granddaughter has lashed out at France’s First Lady Carla Bruni saying that she should welcome illegal immigrants into her numerous “chateaux”.

Alessandra Mussolini, 48, an Italian MP and granddaughter of the country’s Second World War fascist leader, wants Bruni, 43, to take in Africans displaced by revolutions in Tunisia and Libya into her homes.

Mocking Bruni as a Marie-Antoinette-style Leftist, Mussolini said she should have “protested against the shutting of French borders to illegal immigrants decided by her husband”, President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mussolini, who like Bruni has worked as a model and actress, is angry that the French have not accepted thousands of refugees arriving on the Italian island of Lampedusa.

“Why doesn’t the first lady welcome immigrants who want to come to France in her chateaux?” the Daily Mail quoted Mussolini as telling Le Figaro newspaper.

Franco Frattini, Italy’s Foreign Minister has already attacked France’s “absence of solidarity” while the EU has said France had no right to “send migrants back to Italy”.

Mussolini’s mocking attack on Bruni will add to the controversy, while also illustrating the increasingly chaotic nature of Europe’s immigration policy.