N Korea against Japan becoming UNSC permanent member

Japan`s bid for a permanent seat in the UNSC is simply "ridiculous" since it`s foreign policy is dependent on US, N Korea`s leading newspaper has said.

Pyongyang: Japan`s bid for a permanent
seat in the UN Security Council is simply "ridiculous" since
the country`s foreign policy is completely dependent on the
United States, North Korea`s leading newspaper has said.

The foreign policy of Japan "fully meets the strategic
needs and interests of the United States. The presence of US
bases on the Japanese islands and the granting of special
rights to the American military testifies to this, in
particular," Rodong Sinmun said in a commentary.

"As a result Tokyo has no ability to defend the dignity,
security and rights" of the people of the country, the paper
that echoes the views of the country`s leadership, said.

In addition, it says, Japan has been taking a very active
part in the deceitful propaganda campaign aimed against North
Korea unleashed by the United States.

Since the foreign policy of Japan is completely dependent
on the US, the newspaper noted, Tokyo`s attempts to take a
seat in the UN Security Council "look simply ridiculous."

According to Rodong Sinmun, "Japan is working hard to
hold a responsible post in the United Nations. It had better
come to its sense and right its diplomatic attitude kowtowing
to the US before eyeing the UN post."

Japan`s servile diplomacy has no independence, the
article says, and goes on: "Historically Japan has drawn water
to its mill with the backing of big countries. In the
relations with the US it is reading its face, dancing to its
tune. It is proven by Japan`s sovereignty being violated in
the strategic demand and interests of the US.

"Whole Japanese territory is being offered as military
bases of the US and its forces are granted extraterritorial
rights. They are rampaging throughout Japan, committing all
sorts of crimes and seriously threatening the life and
security of the Japanese people. The issue of transfer of the
US military base in Futenma shows Japan`s submission to the US
giving priority to the strategic demand of the US."

"The Japanese government has no ability to defend the
dignity, security and rights of the Japanese people even in
its land. The deceptive plot being hatched by Japan with the
US master behind the curtain of the "three non-nuclear
principles" also proves the mean diplomatic attitude of
Japan serving the US," it says.

Japan is the second largest contributor to the UN`s
regular budget. Japan has teamed up with Germany, Brazil
and India who are also bidding for permanent Security Council


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