`N Korea Army chief was ousted for defying orders`

North Korea`s top military commander Ri Yong-ho was abruptly removed from all of his posts few weeks ago.

Pyongyang: North Korea`s top military commander Ri Yong-ho, who was abruptly removed from all of his posts, may have been ousted for defying orders and moving troops near Pyongyang during a military exercise, according to a report.

A report by South Korea’s Chosun.com said that the troop move drew the ire of Ri`s main rivals Jang Song-taek, the guardian of leader Kim Jong-un, and Vice Marshal Choe Ryong-hae.

“Analysis of intelligence shows Ri Yong-ho`s ouster was a punitive measure taken due to his uncooperative attitude as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un sought to tighten his grip on the military,” a lawmaker quoted the National Intelligence Service as telling the National Assembly`s Intelligence Committee (NIS).

According to The Telegraph, the website also reports that hundreds of thousands of US dollars were also discovered during a raid on Ri’s home, which also provided valuable evidence for Choe to accuse him of corruption.

The NIS said that Ri`s uncooperative attitude included unilaterally repositioning the troops and expressing dissatisfaction over the transfer of control to the party of the North`s businesses that generate foreign currency.

Ri, the former Army chief, was removed from all official posts few weeks ago, ‘because of illness’.

He was also the vice-chairman of the powerful Central Military Commission and held top posts in the ruling Workers Party.