N Korea needs to bring `fundamental change` in behaviour: US

US wants N Korea to demonstrate a "willingness to act more constructively".

Washington: The United States will respond appropriately and prepare for further engagement with North Korea, only if Pyongyang demonstrates a "willingness to act more constructively".

"We are in a situation that is of the making of North Korea. It will be up to North Korea to demonstrate that it is prepared to cease its belligerent behaviour, live up to its obligations, begin to take actions associated with the 2005 joint-statement," State Department spokesman PJ Crowley said.

"If North Korea is prepared to demonstrate a willingness to act more constructively, then we will respond appropriately and be prepared for further engagement.”

"So we`re going to have these kinds of consultations like we`ve had this week with our partners from China and South Korea as part of this process," Crowley said.

The official said there are specific steps under the 2005 joint-statement that Pyongyang can take to demonstrate that it is, in fact, committed to denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

"We are prepared to engage North Korea as part of this process, but in light of the sinking of the Cheonan and other provocative steps that North Korea has taken in recent months, including nuclear tests, including missile firings, we want to see a fundamental change in North Korea`s behaviour," he said.

"As it demonstrates that it`s prepared to engage the United States and other countries constructively, we will be prepared to respond," Crowley said.

Asserting that Washington is prepared to engage North Korea, Crowley said the US wants to see an advance from the current situation.

"But it is up to North Korea first and foremost to demonstrate, not just by words but by actions, that it`s prepared to follow a more constructive path. As North Korea demonstrates to us that it`s prepared to engage constructively, then we will evaluate those actions and, after consultations with other countries, be prepared to respond," he said.


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