N Korea says it will never beg for dialogue

N Korea said it supports any kind of proposals for dialogue but would never "beg" for talks.

Seoul: North Korea said on Thursday it supports
any kind of proposals for dialogue but would never "beg" for
talks, accusing the United States of heightening regional

In a statement published through state media, a North
Korean foreign ministry spokesman accused Washington of
rejecting proposals for dialogue.

"The US is keen on stirring up a war atmosphere on the
Korean Peninsula and in its vicinity while persistently
sidestepping proposals for dialogue with all kinds of
preconditions," he said.

North Korea "supports all proposals for dialogue
including the six-party talks, prompted by the desire to
prevent a war and realise denuclearisation on the Korean
Peninsula but will never beg for it", he said.

The spokesman also said the North was producing enriched
uranium for peaceful purposes to generate electricity.

"It is also preposterous for the US to take issue with
(North Korea`s) nuclear activities for peaceful purposes under
the pretence of dodging dialogue," he said.

Pyongyang revealed an apparently operational uranium
enrichment plant at its Yongbyon atomic complex to visiting US
experts on November 12, shortly before it sparked a security
crisis with an artillery attack on a South Korean island.

Pyongyang says its new operation is intended to fuel a
nuclear power plant but senior US and other officials fear it
could easily be reconfigured to produce weapons-grade uranium
to augment the country`s plutonium stockpile.

US scientist Siegfried Hecker, one of those to see the
Yongbyon plant, said it was most likely designed to make fuel
for a civilian reactor and not bombs.

US State Department spokesman Philip Crowley said Tuesday
that North Korea has "at least one other" uranium enrichment

"We`re very conscious of the fact that, in the recent
revelations to American delegations, what they saw did not
come out of thin air. It certainly reflects work being done at
at least one other site," Crowley told reporters.