Naked maids, accountants take (it) off in S Africa

The company`s website features a shirtless man thrusting a vacuum across a rug, a young woman ironing in nothing but socks, and other naked services.

Johannesburg: Maids who buff in the buff and
plumbers who strip off more than just the grime in your pipes,
these are the services on offer at a new South African

Natural Cleaning Co, which bills itself as "the world`s
only all-naked service company," was founded a month ago by
Jean-Paul Reid after he struggled to find work as an
accountant in a country with a 23.9 percent unemployment rate.

The company offers housekeeping, accounting, legal,
computing and other services, with a twist, staff show up
either topless or fully nude, depending on the client`s

"Cleaning is the popular one, and then handyman services
for the ladies," Reid, 29, said.

He said he currently gets about one client per day,
typically white middle-aged men.

His employees, who are featured in various work for him
part-time and have day jobs ranging from model to personal
trainer to law student to accountant.

The service is "purely entertainment", Reid stressed,
saying: "We don`t offer prostitution or anything like that."

The company`s website,,
features a svelte shirtless man thrusting a vacuum across a
rug, a slender young woman ironing in nothing but socks, a
nude chef with a tastefully placed salad bowl, and a host of
other naked services available in the country`s four largest

Prices range from 175 rand (USD 23, 17 euros) per hour for
"semi-naked services" to 450 rand for professionals like
lawyers, accountants and plumbers.

"You choose your service provider and what they wear," the
site advertises.

Reid said he takes about 20 per cent and workers keep the

"I`m making ends meet," he said. "I`m not making lots of
money, but I`m covering the expenses. It`s still early days."