NATO extends Libya mission by 90 days: Diplomats

Forces loyal to ousted strongman Muammar Gaddafi still pose a threat to civilians.

Brussels: NATO allies on Wednesday agreed to extend
their air campaign in Libya by another 90 days, diplomats
said, as forces loyal to ousted strongman Muammar Gaddafi
still pose a threat to civilians.

"Operation Unified Protector was just extended for 90
days," one diplomat said on condition of anonymity after NATO
ambassadors decided to prolong the six-month-old mission.

Another diplomat said the operation could be terminated
"at any time" if military commanders deem that civilians are
finally safe.
A second 90-day mandate was due to expire on September
27, but Western leaders have made clear their intention to
continue flying NATO warplanes as long as Gaddafi forces harm
civilians. (AFP)

Pope `never been in love`: Brother
Berlin: The young Pope Benedict XVI never
fell in love with a girl, his brother said in an interview
published on Wednesday.

Georg Ratzinger, 87, who is a priest, also said that the
pontiff should not hesitate to step down for health reasons.

Asked by German glossy magazine Bunte if the two brothers
had been in love with girls when young, said: "No. It was
clear to us from an early age that we should take another path
and refrain from marriage."

The 84-year-old German-born pope, who is due to begin his
first state visit to his homeland on Thursday, should resign
if his physical health were to deteriorate, said his elder

"If it is not going well health-wise, my brother should
have the courage and the willpower to resign from his
position," Ratzinger, 87, said.

"But it hasn`t come to that yet, he is very capable of
taking action."

Benedict has had no notable health problems since his
election following the death of John Paul II, whose final
years were marked by noticeable pain and suffering from
Parkinson`s disease.

Four years before he became pope however, the then
cardinal Joseph Ratzinger spent nearly a month in hospital
following a brain haemorrhage, according to the German daily
Bild. It said he has suffered from fainting spells.

Even Benedict, spiritual leader of the world`s 1.2
billion Catholics, is not free of sin, Ratzinger told Bunte.

"Everyone sins -- whether you are the pope or not. My
brother of course confesses (his sins) to this day."


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