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Natural disasters can linked to climate change: Hillary

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that the increase in natural disasters across the globe in recent years could be linked to climate change.

Washington: The US Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton has said that the increase in natural
disasters across the globe in recent years could be linked to
climate change.

"I think that there is a linkage (between climate
change and natural disasters). You can`t point to any
particular disaster and say, it was caused by... But we are
changing the climate of the world; we have seen that with the
Russian forest fires, even the Russian Government that has
been somewhat sceptical about climate change," Hillary told
a news channel in an interview.

Although there was no direct link between the Russian
forest fire and the flood in Pakistan, Clinton said: "But when
you have the changes in climate that affect weather that we
are now seeing, I think the predictions of more natural
disasters are unfortunately being played out."

Clinton said the US was the most generous responder to
natural disasters anywhere in the world the way that it
responded to the tsunami in Southeast Asia; the earthquake in
Haiti; and now the floods in Pakistan and the earthquake there
a few years ago.

"I think Americans are grateful for the blessings we
have and wish to be generous in supporting our fellow men and
women around the world when we face something like this.

"For us, having gone through Katrina and seeing
what`s happening around the world with the increase in the
number of natural disasters and the extent of the damage that
they`re causing, which some people believe is linked to global
climate change," she said in response to a question.

When asked about news reports of corruption inside
Pakistan, she said: "I say save lives, save property, do what
we can. Corruption, unfortunately, has been with us, is with
us, and will always be with us, I guess everywhere human
beings congregate. And it must be attacked; it must be rooted

However, she said, she does not think it does a
service to the people who are suffering to have some diversion
there, a side conversation about corruption.

"Let`s get as much done as quickly as possible. Let`s
be sure that the funds flow where they`re intended to. Let`s
work on a long-term reconstruction plan. And that`s what,
speaking for myself and my country, what the United States
intends to do," she said.

Clinton said she has been very straightforward in her
visits to Pakistan and in her interviews in saying that the US
wants to see the democratic Government of Pakistan improve, do
better, really deliver services to people.

"My commitment to a strategic relationship between the
United States and Pakistan includes efforts to help Pakistan
do a better job of dealing with the challenges posed by
corruption," she said.


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