Need for a political solution in Yemen: US

US has said that there is need to have a govt that is responsive and representative in Yemen.

Washington: Calling for a political solution
to the current unrest in Yemen, US has said that there is need to have a government that is responsive and representative.

"We continue to underscore that a political solution that
leads to a government that is more responsive to the Yemeni
people is going to have to be the way through this situation,
not violence," Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic
Communications Ben Rhodes, said.

The view of the Obama Administration is to have a
political solution in Yemen that includes a government that is
more responsive to the Yemeni people.

"That has been our consistent message to (Yemenese)
President (Ali Abdullah) Saleh," he said.

Expressing concern over the violence in Yemen, Rhodes
said the US communicated to the Yemeni government that any
kind of violence is unacceptable; that people who engage in
violence need to be held accountable.

Rhodes said the situation in Yemen as in other countries,
is very fluid. There have been a number of changes in the
Yemeni government.

"I think that our message to everybody involved is that
this should be channeled into a political dialogue in pursuit
of a political solution and a government that is responsive to
Yemenis; that, again, an escalation of violence is not in
anybody`s interest," he said.
The US is closely monitoring the situation, after
President Saleh dissolved his cabinet, dismissed his
ministers, and then announced a caretaker cabinet or
government until new ministers are named.

"Our position remains that we feel that there needs to be
a process in place that leads to a peaceful solution to
Yemen`s current political situation, and this must include
genuine participation by all sides.

It has to be an open and transparent process and one that
addresses the legitimate concerns of all Yemeni people," State
Department spokesman Mark Toner, said.

"What we want and what we hope for is that their actions
will encourage President Salih to take the necessary steps to
promote a meaningful dialogue that addresses the concerns of
his people. We abhor the violence. We want a cessation of all
violence against demonstrators. They deserve to peacefully
carry out their universal rights," Toner said.

The US, he said, believe that Salih needs to take more

"Clearly, what he`s doing and what he`s done so far is
not enough to address the concerns of his people. He needs to
do more," he said.