Negotiations to go on in Ivory Coast crisis

African mediators will continue to negotiate the departure of Laurent Gbagbo to avoid any bloodshed.

Nairobi: The African Union`s envoy says mediators in the Ivory Coast political crisis are going "the extra mile" to negotiate the departure of the West African nation`s renegade leader to avoid any bloodshed that is likely to follow if force is used to remove Laurent Gbagbo.
Raila Odinga, who also is Kenya`s prime minister, spoke to journalists Wednesday after efforts this week failed to get Gbagbo to peacefully step down in favor of the internationally recognized winner of the election, Alassane Ouattara.

Gbagbo has clung to power more than a month after the United Nations said he lost the Nov. 28 presidential runoff vote to Ouattara.

The Economic Community of West African States has threatened to use military force to oust Gbagbo if he does not step down.