New US ambassador to Pakistan to be sworn in today

Cameron Munter will be replacing Anne Paterson in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Washington: New US ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter will be sworn in by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday.

Munter, confirmed by the US Senate last week, would replace Anne Paterson in Islamabad.

"Given the importance of our relationship with Pakistan and the many issues we are trying to tackle together to bring prosperity and stability to the region, we could not afford a delay in confirming our next Ambassador," said Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"As I saw on my recent visit to Pakistan where I toured flood-stricken areas, Pakistan is suffering from its worst natural disaster in modern history," he said, adding, "The US will continue to stand with the people of Pakistan and has already led international donor efforts."

In his confirmation hearing before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Munter had said success in Pakistan will come by building confidence and working with a strong civilian government.

"It will be the result of patient efforts on our part to define and address areas of interest that America and Pakistan share: our counterinsurgency against violent extremists, Pakistan`s ability to achieve its full economic potential, our commitment to social development," he said.

"We can only achieve this common success with a strong partner in Pakistan`s democratically elected civilian government. The Enhanced Partnership Act with Pakistan of 2009, which we`ve referred to as Kerry-Lugar-Berman, has demonstrated that Congress supports this approach, providing generously for our efforts to build a long-term partnership between the people of the US and Pakistan," Munter said.

In his testimony, Munter had pledge to lead a unified team of Americans from across the US government to address difficult security challenges, build a lasting relationship with Pakistani counterparts based on honesty and mutual respect.

"We will not always agree with Pakistan on every priority, but we will work through our difference as partners with our eyes on the vision we share of a strong, independent Pakistan at peace with its neighbours and free of terrorism," he said.


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