New York man charged in Times Square financing

Mohammad Younis is charged with providing funds to Times Square bomber.

New York: US prosecutors on Wednesday charged a New York man with unwittingly helping to finance an attempted car bombing in Times Square through the informal hawala money transfer system.

The suspect, Mohammad Younis, from Long Island, is accused of facilitating an unlicensed money transfer between the United States and Pakistan, although he did not know the funds were for the attempted May 01 bomb attack.

"Younis engaged in two separate hawala transactions with customers who travelled from Connecticut and New Jersey to meet him in Long Island," the US Attorney`s office said in a statement.

"In each of the transactions, Younis provided thousands of dollars in cash to the individuals at the direction of a co-conspirator in Pakistan, but without knowledge of how the customers were planning to use the funds."

Younis, 44, faces a maximum of five years prison on each of two charges if convicted.

The failed car bomber, Pakistani-born American Faisal Shahzad, pleaded guilty on June 21 to 10 charges, including attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and terrorism.

He admitted having been paid in cash in the United States to help fund the attack.

His rudimentary homemade bomb was parked in the heart of crowded Times Square but failed to go off. Shahzad was unrepentant, telling the judge that he was taking revenge for US bombing in Afghanistan.


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