New York tunnel cops cautioned of gruesome terror plan: Report

A gasoline or propane-filled tanker might reportedly target Lincoln Tunnel.

New York: The police personnel in-charge of maintaining tunnels and bridges of the metropolis were alerted to be prepared for a deadly terror attack, a media report said.

The cops of the Port Authority were told to look out for a fuel-filled tanker "meant to explode prior to a secondary blast designed to decimate any first responders”, according to the New York Post.

The message, which was read by police brass, noted that as 10:30 am on Tuesday, "there is a threat to all crossings, as of this point, being treated as credible, that some type of tanker will explode causing us to respond”.

"At some point during the response, a second explosion (will occur) causing injury to all first responders to this incident," the message noted.

The message cautioned that "no date or time has been given" for the potential terrorist strike.

A Port Authority police official told the newspaper that the grim advisory stemmed from raw intelligence which originated with a prisoner captured in Afghanistan, who allegedly claimed that a gasoline or propane-filled tanker might be arriving from Canada and the Lincoln Tunnel could be a potential target.

Meanwhile, New York Police Department Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said he was unaware of any specific terrorist threat and today an official from the Port Authority downplayed the threat, according to the Post.


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