Nigeria grants bail to Iranian over arms seizure: Reports

Azim Aghajani had been identified as a businessman and "member of IRGC”.

Abuja: A Nigerian court granted bail on Thursday to an Iranian identified as a member of his country`s Revolutionary Guards and charged over an illegal arms cache seized in October, local media reported.

Azim Aghajani had been identified in court papers as a businessman and "member of IRGC”, an abbreviation for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the military and economic force in Iran.

He was charged along with three Nigerians after the seizure at a Lagos port of the arms cache, which included rockets and mortars. It was sent from an Iranian port, but Tehran has said the arms were shipped by a private company.

Justice Ishaq Bello of an Abuja high court granted Aghajani bail, setting the amount at 20 million naira (EUR 100,000, USD 130,000).

He is to appear in court again on January 31.

After the arms arrived in Lagos, the shipper sought to have the containers reloaded and sent to Gambia, a tiny West African country wedged inside Senegal.

Nigeria has reported the seizure to the UN Security Council, with Iran under four sets of United Nations sanctions over its nuclear programme. The sanctions include a ban on arms sales.

Bureau Report