No inquiry over Harry’s nude pics: UK watchdog

The Press Complaints Commission said it would not be ‘appropriate’ to investigate The Sun’s publication of photographs of a naked Prince Harry.

London: The Press Complaints Commission has announced that it would not be ‘appropriate’ to investigate The Sun’s publication of photographs of a naked Prince Harry because it could breach his privacy.

Last month, newspapers had been warned by the press watchdog against publishing the images of the prince taken during his private holiday in Las Vegas.

They were used by foreign media and became widely available on the internet, but The Sun defied the advice and published the pictures of the 27-year-old frolicking in the nude with an unnamed woman at the gambling resort.

The royal is said to have engaged in a game of “strip billiards”.

According to PCC, Prince Harry’s representatives had expressed concern about the photographs being published - on privacy grounds.

Since the images appeared in the tabloid, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the watchdog has received around 3,800 complaints from members of the public.

On Wednesday night, the PCC said in a statement that it was in “continuing dialogue” with the prince’s representatives, but “as yet has not received a formal complaint”.

It said it would be “best placed” to investigate the publication of the pictures, “including the circumstances in which the photographs were taken” if the Prince’s representatives were formally involved.

“An investigation by the commission, without consent, would have the potential itself to pose an intrusion,” the Telegraph quoted it as saying.

“The commission is grateful to the many members of the public who have contacted it to express concerns about The Sun’s coverage, but has concluded that it would be inappropriate for it to open an investigation at this time for the reasons above,” it said.

The PCC was also asked whether a formal complaint would be made.

“We are still considering matters and will make a decision in our own time,” a St James’s Palace spokesman said.