No money yet for Obama rally streaker

A New York man who streaked on front of US President may have to wait a while beforecollecting his USD I million reward.

New York: A New York man who streaked on
front of US President may have to wait a while before
collecting his USD I million reward -- if at all because the
British billionaire who set up the challenge isn`t convinced
that Barack Obama saw Juan Rodriguez.

"We`re waiting to hear from the President to see if
he, in fact, saw Rodriguez during the streaking challenge. As
soon as we get confirmation, we will make the payment," Alki
David, said, as quoted by The New York Post.

A 24-year-old man appeared naked at rally in
Philadelphia where President Barack Obama was speaking on
Sunday and he did it for Alki`s offer of USD 1 million
announced on his website

"I`m trying to get in touch with Mr.David. I`ve done
everything I was supposed to do," Rodriguez said, noting that
he was certain he had fulfilled all the criterion.

"The rules were very clear," Rodriguez said.
"If you wore a Band-Aid, you were screwed. So I made
sure I had nothing on me. I was 10 feet from the president, so
I know I was in earshot of him. I`m pretty sure he saw and
heard me."

The challenge meant to garner publicity for the
website, required the participants to shout ""
six times, and have the name of the website written across his
or her chest, and be within earshot and sight of Obama.

He has been charged with indecent exposure and lewd
behaviour before being released on USD 10,000 bail.
The White House has refused to comment on the incident.

David, according to The Post, claims he has
"diplomatic friends" who can confirm what Obama heard and saw
Sunday. "It`s a lot of money," he said.

"We`re not going to give the money away lightly."
Rodriguez, a father of three and separated from his
wife, said he spent USD 1,300 of his own money for the stunt.