No reconciliation with terrorists: Thai PM

Thai PM will give a commission full freedom to probe political violence.

Bangkok: Thailand`s Prime Minister pledged on Sunday to give a newly-created commission full freedom to investigate recent political violence, while working to identify and prosecute "terrorists".

"We are not seeking reconciliation with terrorists," Abhisit Vejjajiva said in a nationwide broadcast.

"Legal action will be taken against those who damaged the country through terrorist acts."

A total of 89 people were killed and 1,885 injured in a series of clashes in April and May between security forces and anti-government protestors occupying a large part of central Bangkok.

Abhisit appointed former attorney general Khanit na Nakhon to lead a commission to investigate the unrest.

Khanit is scheduled to meet with several leaders of the anti-government movement on Monday at a Border Patrol Police camp where they are being detained.

In his speech, Abhisit drew a distinction between peaceful protestors and those who engaged in violence, which included the torching of dozens of buildings in Bangkok and several northern and north-eastern provinces.

About 300 suspects, including an Australian and a Britain, remain in custody for alleged crimes during the uprising, while arrest warrants have been issued for 819 more, according to police.

Nevertheless, Khanit and Abhisit insisted their main goal in the investigation is reconciliation rather than assigning blame.

"The government will bring peace and normalcy back to the country," the Prime Minister said.