No urge to run for the Presidential post: Suleiman

Egyptian Vice Prez Suleiman has ruled himself out of presidential contention.

Washington: Egyptian Vice President Omar
Suleiman who is leading the regime`s negotiations with the
opposition has ruled himself out of presidential contention,
saying he is an "old man" with no urge to run for the top

The former intelligence chief, who was picked up by
President Hosni Mubarak, to lead the government`s efforts to
address the crisis in Egypt, reaffirmed that the roadmap was
to bring about an orderly and meaningful transition towards
greater democratic reforms.

"No, no. According to this constitution, I cannot. I
am not from any party. I`m not belonging to any party or to
any group, which I cannot be (presidential) candidate as a
constitution," Suleiman told ABC news when asked about the
possibility of him being the country`s next president.

The interview taken early this week was aired today as
landmark negotiations began between the regime and the
opposition groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

"I`m became old man (sic). I did a lot for the
country. I have no urges for to be president of this country.

When the President (Hosni Mubarak) asked me to be Vice
President, I accepted directly just to help the president in
this critical time," he said in response to a question.

Suleiman and the opposition leaders today agreed to
accomplish a study of constitutional reforms and suggest
amendments by the first week of March, a part of a number of
other steps to address the demands of the people.

Suleiman is leading the Mubarak regime`s effort to
hold talks with the pro-democracy protesters who are demanding
the resignation of 82-year-old Mubarak who has ruled the
country for three decades now.

"I want the opposition to understand that, in this
limited time, we can do what President Mubarak has said, and
we cannot do more, and when a new president will come, you
will have more time to make any changes you want," the
74-year-old said.

Appearing on the same show, the Egyptian Ambassador to
the United States, Sameh Shoukry, termed today negotiations a
very important development.

"The roadmap continues to be an orderly and meaningful
transition to greater democratic reforms, meeting the
aspirations of the Egyptian people in terms of their economic
well-being, and continuing to prepare for the transition for
the next presidential election," he said.


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