North Korea building 2 light-water reactors: Report

North Korea is reportedly constructing reactors at Yongbyon nuclear complex.

Seoul: North Korea has been constructing two light-water reactors at its Yongbyon nuclear complex, South Korea`s KBS TV reported, quoting sources familiar with the matter.

A US nuclear expert who visited North Korea last month said yesterday that he was informed by the North Korean side during his visit that an experimental light-water reactor is being constructed at the country`s Yongbyon nuclear facility.

According to the KBS report, the first one is an experimental reactor with the output of around 5 megawatts, being constructed near the site where a cooling tower was blown up in June 2008 in line with an agreement reached in the six-nation talks on North Korea`s denuclearisation.

The reactor`s building is nearly completed, it said.

Another 50-megawatt light-water reactor is also under construction at the site where the building of a nuclear reactor with the similar output was suspended, the report said.

Last month, North Korea invited Siegfried Hecker, former chief of the Los Alomos National Laboratory, to the Yongbyon nuclear complex and showed him a uranium enrichment facility operating there.

The TV report said Pyongyang has also constructed a factory to manufacture nuclear fuel rods for light-water reactors, noting that North Korea apparently intends to build a complex of light-water reactors under the disguise of an industrial complex.


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