`Norway gunman says he would talk if govt resigns`

Behring Breivik is being held in isolation at a high-security prison.

Oslo: Anders Behring Breivik had demanded
that Norway`s government resign and King Harald V abdicate
before he would reveal more about his confessed bombing and
shooting spree that killed 77 people, Norwegian public
broadcaster NRK reported.

The 32-year-old rightwing extremist also called for
the resignation of the Norwegian military`s top brass and
demanded that he be named head of the army during an
interrogation on Friday -- his second since the July 22
massacre, NRK reported late yesterday.

But although his demands were categorically denied,
the man who has confessed to killing eight people in a bombing
of government offices before shooting another 69 at a youth
summer camp, finally cooperated during the 10 hours of

In an interview with a news agency on Saturday, Norwegian police
prosecutor Paal-Frederik Hjort Kraby said Behring Breivik had
been "very willing to talk," with one exception: divulging the
other "cells" of the organisation he previously had claimed to
be a part of.

Behring Breivik is being held in isolation at a
high-security prison, and his detention is set to be
reexamined every eight weeks.

Two psychiatrists are set to begin assessing this week
whether he is legally insane, as prosecutors seek to bring him
to trial next year, and are expected to report back by
November 1.

His lawyer Geir Lippestad said last week that his
client was most likely insane, although he said it was too
soon to say whether that would be the line of his defence.


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