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`Norway mass killer suffers from Asperger’s`

Anders Breivik may be suffering from a rare form of Asperger`s that has made him incapable of empathy, a psychiatrist has said.

Oslo: Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik may be suffering from a rare, high-functioning form of Asperger`s that has made him incapable of empathy or real friendship, a psychiatrist has said.

One of Norway’s most prominent psychiatrists professor Ulrik Fredrik Malt told a court in Oslo that it is ‘plausible that there is Asperger`s, Tourette`s, and a narcissistic personality disorder’.

As evidence, he cited the lack of emotion Breivik showed when discussing those he killed, his impressive memory for details, his obsession with numbers, his hypergraphia (obsessive writing), and his monotonous tone of voice.

The Daily Mail quoted Malt as saying that all of these were evidence of ``functional disorders of the brain lobes``.

According to the report, Breivik, who killed 77 people in a shooting and bombing rampage last year, angrily interrupted Malt`s testimony, saying that his claims were ``insulting`` and ``abusive``.

“I would like to congratulate Professor Malt for his well-executed character assassination,” Breivik said in the end of the court hearing.

“In the beginning I was quite offended, but in the end I thought it was pretty funny. The premises outlined are not true,” he added.


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