Nuke agency says radiation high outside 20-km zone

Officials say that readings were sporadic and taken at one measuring point.

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2011, 00:32 AM IST

Vienna: UN nuclear agency officials say
that readings outside the exclusion zone of the Japan nuclear
disaster shows radiation exceeding recommended evacuation
levels by the agency.

The officials emphasize that the readings, at Iitate
village, were sporadic and were registered only at one
measuring point.

Elena Buglova, one of the officials of the
International Atomic Energy Agency, says the reading was 2
mega becquerels per square meter.

She said today that "as a ratio it was about two times
higher" than levels at which the agency recommends

Iitate village is about 40 kilometres (25 miles) from
the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear complex where emergency crews
are battling to keep radioactivity from spreading after the
complex was crippled nearly three weeks ago.
Residents have been evacuated within a 20-kilometre
zone and told to stay indoors within 30 kilometres.