NYC-Italy flight malfunctions on takeoff: Official

American Airlines flight experienced a mechanical malfunction during takeoff.

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2010, 09:53 AM IST

New York: An American Airlines official says a flight from New York City to Milan experienced a mechanical malfunction during takeoff and had to be returned to its gate.

There were no injuries caused by the malfunction last night involving Flight 198 at John F Kennedy International Airport.

Airline spokeswoman Rhonda Rathje says the aircraft was inspected and taken out of service. Rathje didn`t say how many passengers and crew members were on board.

The passengers were placed on a different plane, which took off at 10:16 pm local time.

Rathje says she didn`t know when the flight was originally scheduled to depart. But she says it was some time after 9 pm that the airplane began experiencing problems.