Obama blasts Republicans; says `obstructing` US progress

Obama has slammed Republicans for opposing his financial reform agenda.

Washington: US President Barack Obama today
slammed Republicans for opposing his reform agenda aimed at
creating jobs and strengthening economy, charging that the
opposition party was "obstructing" America`s progress.

In his weekly radio address to the nation, Obama
criticised the Republican leadership in the Senate for
opposing initiatives which would create jobs and strengthen
the economy like cutting taxes for small businesses and
extending unemployment insurance for Americans who have
lost their jobs during the recession.

Aiding small businesses and renewing unemployment
insurance are not just the right things to do for those hit
hardest by the recession, they are steps that will help
strengthen the recovery.

When crises strike Main Street, Obama said it`s important
to put aside politics and act in the best interests of
American families and small businesses.

"The Republican leadership in the United States Senate
chooses to filibuster our recovery and obstruct our progress.
And that has very real consequences," he said.

"Consider what that obstruction means for our small
businesses - the growth engines that create two of every three
new jobs in this country. A lot of small businesses still have
trouble getting the loans and capital they need to keep their
doors open and hire new workers.

"So we proposed steps to get them that help: Eliminating
capital gains taxes on investments," he said.
Establishing a fund for small lenders to help small

Enhancing successful SBA programs that help them access
the capital they need, he said.

"But again and again, a partisan minority in the Senate
said "no," and used procedural tactics to block a simple,
up-or-down vote," Obama said.


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