Obama calls dog more charismatic than mom-in-law

US President Barack Obama`s trademark wit could have landed him in a family feud.

Updated: Aug 16, 2012, 20:16 PM IST

Washington: US President Barack Obama`s trademark wit could have landed him in a family feud as in a Freudian slip during a campaign speech he said that his pet dog had more charisma than his mother-in-law.

"Let me say something about my wife," Obama said during a campaign event in Iowa.

"I don`t usually like to follow her speaking. Because let`s face it, on the charisma rankings in my household, you`ve got her, the girls, Bo and then my mother-in-law and then me," Obama said to laughter.

Obama realised what he had said and was quick to say his mother-in-law Marian Robinson was actually more charismatic than the dog, the Huffington Post reported.

He quickly corrected himself and bumped Bo, the family pet Portuguese water dog, down a notch, below his mother-in-law. For good measure, he also praised his mother-in-law lavishly to make amends for the gaffe.

"Actually, my mother-in-law is before Bo, obviously," Obama said.

"I love my mother-in-law, too -- that`s where Michelle got her looks from," he added.

Robinson lives with the family in the White House after Obama became the first American President to appoint a `First Grandmother` in 2008 to look after his daughters.

But perhaps Bo, who is never far from the political limelight, is Obama`s favoured companion in the White House.

The First Dog was a gift from Senator Edward Kennedy and his wife to Obama`s daughters Sasha, 11, and Malia, 14, who had been promised a dog by their father when he was on the presidential campaign trail in 2008.

Obama is seeking a second term as the US President in the November 06 elections and will be facing Republican rival, Mitt Romney in the contest.