Obama campaign targets Romney`s running mate

US President Barack Obama`s campaign on Sunday described Mitt Romney`s Vice Presidential pick Ryan Paul as a "right-wing ideologue".

Washington: US President Barack Obama`s campaign on Sunday described Mitt Romney`s Vice Presidential pick Ryan Paul as a "right-wing ideologue" who believes in giving tax breaks to the millionaires and holds extremely conservative views on abortion.

A day after Romney announced Ryan as his running mate for the November presidential election, Obama`s top campaign aide David Axelrod targeted Ryan for hid "extreme" and "harsh" views.

"He (Obama) thinks that he is a perfectly genial and bright guy. He just thinks his theory is wrong. I mean, Congressman Ryan is a right-wing ideologue, and that is reflected in the positions that he`s taken," Axelrod told CNN in an interview.

The aggressive Obama campaign, which has launched attacks after attacks on Romney, was swift to criticise Ryan`s stated positions.

"The budget that he constructed for the House Republicans that would include trillions of dollars of new tax cuts skewed to the wealthy so that we are giving a millionaire USD 250,000 tax cuts, while we are cutting college aid for kids and research and development, and a whole range of things that we need to grow," said Axelrod.

"Obama disagrees with Ryan`s idea that the US should turn Medicare into a voucher programme, shifting thousands of dollars ultimately onto the backs of seniors," he said.

"(He) disagrees with Congressman Ryan on a woman`s right to choose. Congressman Ryan would ban a woman`s right to choose, even in cases of rape and incest. So he is quite extreme. Good, good person, you know, genial person, but his views are quite harsh," the top Obama aide said.

Responding to questions, Axelrod denied that with Ryan coming in as the running mate of Romney has shaken up the presidential election campaign.

"I think it has helped further define the race. I don`t think it has shaken up the race, because Governor Romney has embraced many of the positions that Congressman Ryan espouses, extreme as they sound. I mean, he is for the trillions of dollars of tax cuts for millionaires," he said.

The Romney campaign strongly defended the decision to pick Ryan.

"... Governor Romney has been putting forward the Romney plan for a stronger middle class for a long time. Our first ads were about what he would do as president," said Ed Gillespie, a top Romney advisor.

"Picking Paul Ryan says we are going to choose someone here who has a record of taking on the tough issues, of facing the challenges that we confront as a country and providing solutions and answers to those things," she said.

"It shows that we`re not going to, you know, be distracted by some of these little things that the Obama campaign seems to constantly want to be putting out there. We want to talk about the big issue issues facing the country, and I think it was a bold move by Governor Romney," Gillespie said.


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