Obama has failed America: Nikki Haley

Indian-American Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley has charged that President Barack Obama has failed to handle America.

Updated: Feb 28, 2012, 13:31 PM IST

Washington: In a sharp attack on President
Barack Obama, seeking re-election, Indian-American Governor of
South Carolina Nikki Haley has charged that he has failed to
handle America and skipped a White House dinner.

Haley who has endorsed Republican Mitt Romney said Obama
was coming in the way of development in her state. "In South
Carolina, we can`t even pass our own bills without him getting
in the way."

"We pass illegal immigration reform, he stops it. We pass
voter ID, he stops it. We get Boeing, he stops it. I mean, I`d
just like to be a governor and be able to take care of my
state. The president`s trying to handle the entire country,
and he`s failing," Haley said.

The South Carolina Governor skipped a White House dinner
hosted by Obamas, citing personal meeting with friends.
Though she skipped the dinner Haley, sought more funds from US
President to deepen the two ports in her state and talked to
him a day later.

"I personally talked to him about the ports that we`re
all facing - and the fact that why does it take the Corps of
Engineers 10 years to do a deepening project," Haley, 40, told
reporters after the meeting of Obama with national governors.

On the eve of the meeting on Sunday, Obama and the
First lady hosted a dinner for the Governors, which was
skipped by Haley. "We were meeting with friends," she told
reporters after a press conference organised by the Republican
Governors Association.

Haley said she and her husband "were honoured" last
year to attend the dinner, but this year she decided to skip
as she wanted to see friends on Sunday night.