Obama `kicks the butt`; Michelle, kids delighted

White House`s puffer-in-chief Barack Obama has quit smoking.

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2011, 23:59 PM IST

Washington: Two years into office, the White
House`s puffer-in-chief Barack Obama has quit smoking and a
delightful First Lady Michelle has confirmed it.

"It’s been a while now... a year now,.... Barack has quit
and I am very proud of it as he can now look his kids in the
eye and say he doesn`t smoke", the First Lady said of the

Perhaps his two daughters have been his motivation, she
said. "He has always wanted to stop our kids are getting to
the age where he wants to look them in the face because they
want to know, `You don`t smoke do you dad? He wants to be able
to say no," the First Lady said.

Obama has been struggling to beat his addiction during
his barnstorming campaign in 2008 and the first two years of
his presidency, but his wife refuses to take credit for it
saying she has not been cajoling or nagging him about it.

Michelle said she had not bugged Obama about quitting...
all along as he was on world`s most stressful job.

"I don`t have a discussion with him because it’s always
been. It`s a personal challenge for him. It’s not something
that I can be like `Have you smoked today, have you smoked
today?" she said.

Media reports said that the Obama had been urged by his
doctors in February last year to `kick the butt` after his
first medical checkup as President after he had been found
otherwise in "excellent health".

It must have been a big thing in the White House as the
tidings were also commented upon by Press Secretary Robert
Gibbs who said a number of Obama`s advisors had also left

He told reporters,"I think that when somebody decides to
quit smoking, to try to overcome the physical addiction that
they have, they do it not just because they want to, but
because others want them to, and because others around them
give them the type of encouragement that they need to break
what is a tough habit to break."