Obama lauds people`s will for rights from Delhi to Warsaw

Barack Obama lauded people`s will from Delhi to Warsaw who used the moral force of non-violence to demand their rights.

United Nations: US President Barack Obama
on Wednesday lauded the will of the people from Delhi to Warsaw who
used the "moral force of non-violence" to demand their
universal rights and pried open the "humiliating grip of
corruption and tyranny".

"This year has been a time of transformation. More
nations have stepped forward to maintain international peace
and security. And more individuals are claiming their
universal right to live in freedom and dignity," Obama said in
his speech to the UN General Assembly here.

Noting that the world today stood "at a crossroads
of history," Obama said the youth revolution from Egypt to
Libya is delivering a "powerful rebuke to dictatorship, and
rejecting the lie that some races, religions and ethnicities
do not desire democracy."

"We saw in those protesters the moral force of
non-violence that has lit the world from Delhi to Warsaw; from
Selma to South Africa - and we knew that change had come to
Egypt and to the Arab World."

He said the world today is a different one from a
year ago, when the prospect of a successful referendum in
South Sudan was in doubt, people of Libya were ruled by the
world`s longest serving dictator, hopes of the people of
Tunisia were suppressed and Egypt had known one President for
nearly thirty years.

The way things have been is not the way they will be.
The humiliating grip of corruption and tyranny is
being pried open. Technology is putting power in the hands of
the people," he said.