Obama names General Dempsey next US military chief

General Martin Dempsey, an Iraq war veteran is next US military chief.

Washington: US President Barack Obama on Monday nominated General Martin Dempsey, an Iraq war veteran,
as next Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff to succeed Admiral
Mike Mullen.

"I expect him to push all our forces to keep adapting
and innovating," Obama said making the announcement at
the White House.

Currently the Army Chief, 59-year-old Dempsey needs to
be confirmed by the Senate before taking over the new

"With nearly 40 years in uniform, Dempsey is one of
our nation`s most respected and combat-tested generals," Obama

With extensive combat experience, Dempsey served as
commander of the 1st Armored Division in Baghdad in 2003, and
then helped train Iraqi security forces in a subsequent tour
of duty in Iraq.

Dempsey served as acting commander of the US Central
Command overseeing military operations in the Middle East,
Persian Gulf and Central Asia.

Obama also announced that Admiral James A. "Sandy"
Winnefeld Jr. would be Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff and Gen. Ray Odierno the new Army chief of staff.

"We will provide what it takes to achieve our
objectives in the current fight," he said urging the Senate to
confirm his nominations as soon as possible.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he
"enthusiastically" supported President Obama`s choices to fill
these key military positions.

Gates said General Dempsey, Admiral Winnefeld, and
General Odierno have all excelled in key command and staff
roles within their services and in the joint arena.

"They possess the right mix of intellectual heft,
moral courage, and strategic vision required to provide sound
and candid advice to the President and his national security
team," he said.


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