Obama no different from Bush: Gaddafi’s son

Saif al-Islam said Libya will discuss reforms after dealing with terrorists.

Tripoli: Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi has said his father’s regime will deal with “terrorists” first, and then talk about reforms.

“The biggest issue is the terrorists and the armed militia. Once we get rid of them, everything will be solved,” The Washington Post quoted Saif, as saying.

He stressed that the world has targeted Libya based on rumour and propaganda, and added that US President Barack Obama has proved no different from his predecessor, George W Bush.

Describing the rebel forces as brutal terrorists and gangsters led by al-Qaeda, Saif urged the international community to find the truth and stressed that the regime has not committed any crime against civilians.

“We want the Americans tomorrow to send a fact-finding mission to find out what happened in Libya. We want Human Rights Watch to come here and to find out exactly what happened. We are not afraid of the International Criminal Court. We are confident and sure that we didn’t commit any crime against our people,” he said.

Saif further claimed that he has been betrayed by his best friends, who defected to join the rebels.

“They were my friends — we drink together, we eat together, we sit together, we travel together. They were my own people. Now this is my biggest problem in Libya. I get messages from volunteers on the front. They told me: ‘After the victory, you, Saif, have no place here in Libya. Everything is because of you. Because those criminals, these traitors were your friends, and you brought them here,’ ” he added.


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