Obama stresses on need to shift to clean energy
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Last Updated: Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 22:59
Washington: Noting that major economies around the world are investing in new ways of producing and saving energy, US President Barack Obama on Wednesday said his administration is serious in shifting towards clean energy.

"Moving toward clean energy is about our security. It's about our economy. And it's about future of our planet. What I hope is the policies we've laid out ? from hybrid fleets to offshore drilling, from nuclear energy to wind energy underscore the seriousness with which my administration takes this challenge," Obama said in his address at the Andrews Air Force Base.

Countries around the world are seeking an edge in the global market by investing in new ways of producing and saving energy, he said.

"From China to Germany, these nations recognise that the country that leads in clean energy technology will be the one that leads the global economy," the president noted.

Meanwhile, here at home, as politicians debate endlessly whether to act, our own military has determined that we can't afford not to," he said.

Obama said the Army and Marine Corps have been testing F-18 vehicle on a mixture of bio fuels.

"And this Navy fighter jet called the Green Hornet will be flown for the first time in just a few weeks, on Earth Day," he said.

"If tests go as planned, it will be the first plane ever to fly faster than the speed of sound on a fuel mix that is half biomass. The Air Force is also testing jet engines using bio fuels and had the first successful bio fuel-powered test flight just last week. Though I don't want to drum up any kind of rivalry," he said.

The US President said the Pentagon isn't seeking these alternative fuels just to protect America's environment; they are pursuing these homegrown energy sources to protect its national security.

"Our military leaders recognise the security imperative of increasing the use of alternative fuels, decreasing energy use, and reducing our reliance on imported oil," he said.

The Navy has set a goal of using 50 per cent alternative fuel in all planes, vehicles, and ships in the next ten years.

The Defence Department has invested USD 2.7 billion this year alone to improve energy efficiency.


First Published: Wednesday, March 31, 2010, 22:59

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