Obama unresponsive to will of people: Romney

US President Barack Obama does not deserve a second term, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said on Tuesday.

Washington: US President Barack Obama is
"unresponsive" to the will of the people and thus does not deserve a second term, Republican presidential candidate Mitt
Romney said on Tuesday, asserting that the American economy under
him would lead the world.

"This president has run out of ideas. He`s run out of
excuses. And in 2012, we`re going to get him out of the out of
the White House," Romney said in his speech in Boston.

Country`s debts today are too high, the opportunities are
too few.

"We have seen enough of this President over the last
three years to know that we don`t need another five of this
president. That`s for sure, he said.

Romney alleged Obama seems to believe he`s unchecked by
the Constitution.

"He`s unresponsive to the will of our people. He operates
by command instead of by consensus. In a second term, he`d be
unrestrained by the demands of re-election. And if there`s one
thing we cannot afford is four years of Barack Obama with no
one to answer to," he said.

Romney said when he is the President, American economy
will not be lagging behind.

"This American economy will be leading the world as it
has and as it should and as it will do in the future," he

"I`ve got a pro-growth tax plan, jobs plan that`s going
to jump-start the economy. President Obama wants to raise your
taxes; I`m going to cut them. That starts with an across-
the-board 20 per cent rate cut for every American," he said.

Romney said his presidential campaign is about saving the
soul of America.

"It is driven by an unshakable optimism that lies within
the heart of every American citizen. We know that our future`s
brighter and better than these troubled times. We`ve been
knocked down, we`ve been tested, but we don`t accept that an
America like this nation has limits. We know America is a land
of opportunity. We still get up every morning and thank God
that we`re Americans," he said.

"It`s time to believe in ourselves. It`s time to believe
in America. And I`m asking you to join our cause. We need your
energy and your conviction and your commitment," he added.

"To the millions of Americans who look around and can
only see jobs they can`t get and bills that they can`t pay, I
have a message: You have not failed. You have a president
that`s failed you, and that`s going to change," Romney said.