Obama`s weekly approval rating drops to 43%

The job approval rating of US President Barack Obama has dropped to 43%, a new poll says.

Washington: The job approval rating of US President Barack Obama, who is currently on a 10-day vacation in Martha`s Vineyard, has dropped to 43%. The new low also marks the first weekly average in which 50 per cent of Americans disapprove of Obama`s job performance, Gallup Poll has said.
"The erosion reflects particularly low ratings at the beginning of last week, including 41 per cent for August 15-17 and August 16-18, the lowest three-day averages of his
administration," it said, adding that by the end of the week, however, Obama`s job ratings inched up, averaging 44 per cent approval August 20-22.

Gallup said Obama`s current 43 per cent rating is well below the job approval ratings for both Presidents Bush at this point in their second year in office, but at roughly the same level as Presidents Clinton, Reagan and Carter.
"None of the three presidents who were in the 40 per cent range in August of their second year got back to 50 per cent by the time of the midterm elections," it said.